Posted on: October 21, 2008 12:42 pm

First Edition

Welcome to Kelly's Korner.  I am a native St. Louisan.  I am a die hard Cardinal Baseball fan.  I have been listening to people cry about the Cardinals missing the playoffs this year.  I remember when Cardinal fans gave the team the benefit of the doubt and backed the team no matter what.  Before this season started the Cardinals looked like bottom feaders.  Everyone was talking about next year.  Then the Cardinals actually made a run at the playoffs with a roster full of surprises.  The team gave us an exciting season.  Larussa and his staff got every ounce of potential out of the players they had.  I hear alot of complaining about the lack of big time free agent signings.  Lets remember that we still had millions rapped up in players like Encarnacion, Mulder, and the rediculous amount of money Cesar Izturis made this year.  The Cardinals are freeing up about 35 million for this season.  It would be great to see Jake Peavey come to St. Louis, maybe with Khalil Green.  Maybe even sign Francisco Rodriguez.  I know the Cardinals have not been the biggest spenders lately, but I expect them to make some big moves this off-season.  Lets give them a chance.  Team ownership will want a good product this year with the All-Star game coming to St. Louis.  So, Cardinal Nation,  lets not start complaining until we see what management has up their sleeve for next season.  I for one can't wait.   
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